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23 Nov Home Cooking.

Why, hello people I love.   It's been nearly a year since I've written a blog as I took a little bit of a sabbatical. So much happened in 2015 that I really didn't think another year could be that crazy. Turns out, God was just using...

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03 Mar When Something Awful Happens.

Why, hello people I love.   It's weird. In my last blog post, I talked about transparency and how it's OK to be imperfect. Today I wanna get transparent with you, and it will probably be imperfect. Funny how that works. My friend Sondi has said before that blogs...

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24 Dec Mary, The Teenage Mom of Jesus.

Why, hello people I love. Have you seen the new Annie? Cause I just did and I want to shave Jeremy’s head clean, put a little fro on Boone right now, and break out into song. Is that weird? Hmm. BTW, Boone is our new dog we...

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