Putting The Christ Back In Christian: A Blog Not About a Red Cup. - Haley Morgan Smith
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Putting The Christ Back In Christian: A Blog Not About a Red Cup.

12 Nov Putting The Christ Back In Christian: A Blog Not About a Red Cup.

Why, hello people I love.


Before I get started, I need to make a confession. Blogging…is really scary sometimes. Seriously. You’re putting your thoughts and crap out in public for anyone to read. And not everyone is nice. One of the biggest posts I ever had was one I did last year about 50 Shades of Grey and the conflict with Christian women being so infatuated with it. In about 4 days, half a million people had read it. Totally awesome, except for that not everyone agreed with my views. In fact, some people hated them. One lady wrote me a message where she called me some pretty gnarly cuss words and said she’d like to cut my throat and watch me die.


She was dadgum serious bout some 50 Shades of Grey. To this day people still read that blog and send me messages and comments. Most are very supportive. Some are still stuff like,”I bet your husband’s ugly.” Joke’s on you, playa.

Anyway. I’m telling you this, because I’m warning you that what I’m about to write may get on your nerves. But here’s the thing. I love you. Jesus loves you. And we can get through this. I just feel like it needs to be said.

Right now, thousands of bloggers and posters are writing about a red cup. I’m gonna spare you, because I feel like anything that could be said has been said about it. I also fear that if we keep talking about this cup, “The Cup Song” is gonna make a comeback. And that would be a tragedy.



So this is not about a cup. This is about a question that the cup has made me wonder. That question is: Why as Christians do we expect the world to live by our standards?

I see the phrase “easily offended” a lot when it comes to Believers. I would go one step further and say, “misguided”. We’re easily offended, because we’re misguided. Not misguided on who Jesus is. Not misguided on our faith as a whole, but misguided on how people work. And misguided on how we approach them.

Let me explain. I love Coke. The drink. I grew up drinking it. Some of my favorite memories of my dad are riding in his truck that smelled like saw dust and man stink, drinking a glass bottled Coke and eating CowTales. Burns just the right kinda way. It is my most favorite beverage on the entire face of the earth. I’m loyal to it. I have Classic Coke stuff all over my house. My mom and I have even been on a Coke commercial. I just freaking love Coke. The drink. Now, when I first got married, I sent The Man to the store. I told him specifically to buy Coke. He came home with a 2 liter of Pepsi and a smile of accomplishment. I. Flipped. My. Stuff. I mean, I was angry. I was in disbelief. I was…offended. I told him to take that rip off drink out of our house and pour that crap out. The look on his face was like, “Good Lord. What have I married?”

You say, “Haley, what does Coke and Jesus have to do with each other?” The thing is, I expected Jeremy to love and respect Coke like I did. I expected him to understand it. But he didn’t grow up drinking Coke. He grew up drinking water, which is probably why he’s never out of breath when we go hiking and doesn’t dry heave like I do when we go running. So, really, it wasn’t completely fair of me to have these expectations of him when his experience and walk was different. In the same respect, it’s not completely fair to expect people who don’t know Jesus to live like they do, and then, when they don’t, get mad about it. That doesn’t even make sense.

You may say, “Yeah, but that doesn’t give them the right to hate us and be against us.” Mmm. Maybe not. But it certainly shouldn’t surprise us. I mean Jesus prepared us for this stuff, guys. He TOLD us we’d have this kind of adversity. The solution is within our response to it.

You may say, “Well, this isn’t right. We need to fight.” I agree. I just think you have to figure out what you’re fighting for. Are you fighting to tell people how they’re wrong, or are you fighting to show people what’s right? Because there is a great difference. I think we have to be careful about being so against things that we forget what we’re for. At the end of the day, the problem with the world is a lack of Jesus. We need to show Jesus. But how we do that is crucial. We have to fill this gap between us and people who aren’t Believers. We have to build relationships. I mean, dang, that’s what Jesus did. We have to be in the world, but not of it. We have become so defensive that it has given the world an excuse to further walk away from Jesus. That’s not fighting for hearts to know Him. That’s fighting to be right. That’s a problem because this is not about us. This is about Him. We have to show Him.

It’s kinda like chopsticks (Disclaimer: I have nothing against chopsticks. The Man prefers them.). Take someone who has eaten with chopsticks their whole life and never used a fork. There are two approaches on how you can teach that person about a fork. You can yell and scream about how they’re an idiot for never eating with a fork. Tell them they’re eventually going to starve. More than likely, that person is gonna keep on eating with chopsticks. Or. You can show them the fork. Say- hey man. I know you’ve been doing this chopstick gig for a while, but check out this thing called a fork. It’s a whole lot easier to use and it will help you eat easier. And then every time you eat with that person, you eat with your fork. But you eat with them and be kind. There is a greater chance they’re going to listen and hear you out with that approach.

We have to remember Jesus is a friend of sinners. I mean, what we consider the worst people in the world today, He sat down for dinner with. He touched. He loved. And that hasn’t changed. He is still a friend of sinners. I know this because He’s my friend. And I am royally jacked up.

We have to show the world Jesus. We have to get over ourselves. There’s too much chaos and too little time.

You’ve heard the saying, “Put the Christ back in Christmas”. I will say the best comment I’ve read in response to the Starbucks fiasco has been “Put the Christ back in Christian.” Dad. Gum. How true that statement is. May we not be so consumed with what we are against that we forget what we are FOR. May we not be so consumed with what we are against that we forget Who is FOR us. Love people. Love Jesus. Move forward.


  • Nickie
    Posted at 21:24h, 12 November Reply

    Love it! A to tha Men!

  • Shayla Belland
    Posted at 13:53h, 13 November Reply

    I’m not angry with this blog post! In fact, you can mentally cross off a FEW tally marks under the Fans column for me, Thank you for speaking truth and for not letting fear of Haters keep you from sharing. So here you go (outstretched arms) — take courage some more.

    This “being-known-for-what-we’re-for;-not-for-what-we’re-against” theme has come up lots recently. Perhaps there was a new book out all the pastors were reading at the same time, but it definitely makes sense. I love hearing (and would like to hear more) ideas and examples of what this looks like, you know, when the rubber meets the road. It’s inspiring to think of ways to leave a pleasant taste in someone’s mouth, rather than a sour one, as it relates to what people remember about Christ followers.

  • Stacy
    Posted at 08:37h, 18 November Reply

    Haley you did a great as this is plain simple truth, thanks!

  • Cindy Walton
    Posted at 18:48h, 14 November Reply

    When I was a cola drinker, I drank Pepsi (HATED Coke!). But on this we agree, my dear! If you don’t mind terribly, I’m going to share this on Facebook! Well written, and wonderfully stated.

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