Owning It - Haley Morgan Smith
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Owning It

What is Owning It?

Owning It is a movement I created to advocate truth and wear it boldly. The word “Christian” means a lot of different things for different people. For some, it may mean someone who has their stuff together. For some, it may mean “hypocritical jerk”. The truth is, a Christian is someone who recognizes how jacked up they are and that they need a perfect Savior’s grace.


People need to know this.


People need to know that it’s possible to be broken and be loved by God. People need to hear honesty from us Believers- that we recognize we’re broken. People need to know that we are Owning It.


We need to know this.


If you’re a believer who worries about not having your stuff together, you can quit now. ‘Cause none of us do. And that’s OK. God loves you anyway. Own the fact that you’re not perfect and God still loves you and wants you. Own the fact that God can take your messy and make it into something beautiful. Make God attainable for people who are too scared to come to Him out of fear He’ll reject them because of their mess. I’m messy, and yet God still adores me. I’m messy, and yet I can still call Him Father. I don’t have it together, and I am a Christian.


Wear it boldly. Own it. 

Owning It Gear

Wear It Boldly. Own It.

The Original. Our very first Owning It shirt. “I don’t have it together, and I’m a Christian.” Speak truth. Start conversations. Wear it Boldly. Own It.


Available in s-2XL. Printed on top of the line American Apparel tri-blend, premium tee or women’s fitted premium tee.


Price: $20


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