Listen - Haley Morgan Smith
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Eye of a King

“How did I ever catch the eye of a King? You could be anywhere in the world, but you’re dancing with me.”

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Happy Cover

Because there absolutely, positively NEEDED to be another cover of “Happy”. Featuring my friends Brandon “Blue” Hamilton and Quinton Tolbert.

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“I’m gonna love you, all the way to foolish. Cause you are so good, God. And you’re so worth it.”

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Writing My Story

There is hope in knowing that in the worst of situations, God won’t let go of us. He’s writing our story.

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Everlasting God

My friends at The Rethink Group asked me to sing this song as part of a project they were doing. If you’re a church leader, check Rethink and Orange out.

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Download at Rethink's site now!

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