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The Walk.

08 Dec Something New + Giveaway

Why, hello people I love.   I'm gonna make this short, since I've been long winded lately. Well, I reckon I've been longwinded all dad gum year. It's been a doozey. I'm really excited and kinda nervous to show you something my friend Sondi and I have been...

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15 Oct Defining Nick Chubb.

Why, hello people I love.   Oh Lord. Ya'll. I'm about to talk about college football. So basically, by the end of this I may not have any friends or ministry left. You people are dadgum serious about some SEC football. Was "football" supposed to be capitalized?...

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06 Aug The Cuss Word Called Busy.

Why, hello people I love. This one is a short one. But it's kinda important. Some weeks ago, I stopped at Subway to pick up dinner. The guy in front of me was in a hurry and when the lady making sandwiches wasn't moving his speed, he...

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