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15 Oct Defining Nick Chubb.

Why, hello people I love.   Oh Lord. Ya'll. I'm about to talk about college football. So basically, by the end of this I may not have any friends or ministry left. You people are dadgum serious about some SEC football. Was "football" supposed to be capitalized?...

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02 Apr Church War: Hymnal vs Hillsong

Why, hello people I love. Church signs.   I'll be honest. I have a like/hate relationship with church signs. Sometimes they're funny. Sometimes they're informative. Sometimes they're cheesy. Sometimes they're weirder than a football bat. And sometimes they're just obnoxious. One of the most obnoxious church signs I've ever seen...

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09 Apr Mad at the Church

  Why, hello people I love. If you follow this blog, you know I am all about being honest to the point of being embarrassing. I mean, I told ya’ll that I’m scared of vomit and that I pronounced “Muppets” wrong till a few months ago. It’s...

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07 Jan Cold.

Why, hello people I love. Did ya have a good Christmas?! Good, I'm glad to hear that! (Assuming you said yes) The Man and I had a great Christmas aside from I got the crud a couple of days before. I didn't have much of a voice...

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