Behind Because He Lives: A Tribute to Collier - Haley Morgan Smith
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Behind Because He Lives: A Tribute to Collier

19 Nov Behind Because He Lives: A Tribute to Collier

Why, hello people I love.


The last couple of days have been insane. In a really good way. Some of my family, friends, and I released a video tribute for my nephew, Collier, and I’m seriously blown away with how God has used it and used Collier’s life. In less than 2 days, over 40,000 people have watched it.

Like. WHAT?!

The amount of people who have spoken about how God has worked in their life through it and though Collier is nothing short of amazing. Like for real amazing. Not “this is steak is amazing” amazing, but actually

Most of you know, Collier had a massive stroke 8 months ago. It has been a ridiculously hard time for our family. That said, God has walked with us the entire time. A lot of people in our community were asking how they could help, and so in March we came up with this concept called Collier’s Cause- which was a high energy, benefit and ministry event for Collier.  The goal was to honor Collier, help with medical expenses, and to point eyes to Jesus first and foremost. Before we knew it, this community was behind it. People were praying. People were helping make it happen. People were picking us up and carrying up on the days leading up to Collier’s Cause that were really rough. It was phenomenal.

When the event finally came, Jason Crabb, Jamie-Grace, and Morgan Harper Nichols came and played and ministered. We had over 900 people show up for the concert in our little tiny town and 100 people showed up just to volunteer. Over 70 people rededicated their lives to the Lord, and 5 professed Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives for the very first time. It. Was. Insane.

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Once Collier’s Cause was over, we quickly found out the spirit of it wasn’t. The Lord had started a fire in our community. We were hearing story after story about how God had used Collier to change lives. People continued to work together for other families in the community. I’ve never seen anything like it. And God did it. Through a little boy named Collier.

With all that happening, it was hard to know what to think when Collier passed. I can remember describing it as conflicting feelings of devastation and elation. Elation in that he isn’t suffering anymore and that he is free. Devastation in that the hilarious, brilliant Collier we knew is no longer with us anymore. And it was hard to feel that spirit we felt with Collier’s Cause. Then at Collier’s funeral, while Pastor Barry Snapp was speaking, he mentioned that Collier had 4 F’s in his life. Friends, family, faith, and a FUTURE. I remember him saying that and almost feeling a jolt in my soul. He said because Jesus Christ lives and because Collier chose to follow Him, Collier has a future. Collier actually lives. He’s more alive now than he ever was on Earth. Not only does his legacy of being kind and pointing eyes to Jesus live, but he lives on in Heaven. And if we accept Jesus like Collier did, we have a future as well. And Collier will be in it.

Wow. I wonder if people ever say awww, snap to Pastor Barry Snapp. Because that is good dadgum stuff.

So with that, we wanted to do something that would continue to honor Collier, would continue to encourage community, and would continue to point eyes to Jesus. So we made a video. It features stories of many inspiring people in our community who have gone through different struggles in life, but God has still worked through. It also features my brother, Chan, Collier’s dad, and my niece, Addison, Collier’s sister.

The song in the video is Because He Lives. I’ve sang that song nearly my whole life. I did my own little spin on it when I was about 14. I took that spin to some friends of mine who have walked and loved Jeremy and I through the last 8 months- Paul Taylor Smith, Adam Kersh, and Austen Earp. Paul and Adam sang on it for me, and Austen stayed in the studio with me and Jeremy co-producing for hours.

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In the end, a community of people came together and honored Collier, and the impact it’s made, has blessed my heart. I want you to watch it. And my prayer is that when you do you’ll know the legacy of Collier Gray. You’ll know how incredible the community I come from is. And you’ll know that because Jesus Christ lives, YOU. HAVE. HOPE. Then take that hope and do something with it. Be good to people. Get involved. Change the world. Create a legacy like Collier’s. Create a legacy that points eyes to Jesus. I believe that’s what many people in this community are going to do. And I’m excited to see.

Check out the video below. You can also get the actual song on the video of Paul, me, and Adam on iTunes at


Because He Lives: A Tribute To Collier GrayWe lost Collier a month ago tomorrow. It has been a tough few weeks. To say that he is missed is a great understatement. But one thing that has blessed us is to see the impact and legacy he left. Collier’s death was devastating, but the mark he made on the world is nothing short of incredible. The people in this video are friends and family from Collier’s community. We want to celebrate his life. And we want you to join us. Please watch.

This is our Tribute to Collier.

To learn more about Collier, these stories, or to tell your Because He Lives Story, please visit: We’d love to see what Jesus has done in your life.

You can also find a link to download the song “Because He Lives” there as well featuring Collier’s Aunt Haley Morgan Smith, Paul Taylor Smith, and Adam Kersh.

Thank you.

Posted by Collier’s Cause on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I’d love for you to share this video. And I’d love for you to share your Because He Lives Story. You can do so by going to

Till next time,


  • Debbie
    Posted at 21:46h, 19 November Reply

    I am so thankful that God had a plan and that he always knows what we need.

  • Amy Palmer
    Posted at 22:36h, 19 November Reply

    Wonderful tribute Haley!

  • Dee Bradley
    Posted at 11:59h, 20 November Reply

    I know I’m alive because I said, “God, I’m ready to go. If it’s my time, I know I’ll see YOU, just BECAUSE HE LIVES.” After living through cancer diagnosis so many times, losing so much of my body, I know He has left me here to tell others what HE has done for me!
    Collier was a wonderful little boy. Every time he came to our home, he and Addison were a light. I miss knowing he is with Karen, so I could see him. I know y’all have to miss him terribly.
    Haley, this tribute is so beautiful. We will see Collier again! And it is wonderful, just Because He Lives.
    Love y’all!
    Aunt Dee

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