About Haley - Haley Morgan Smith
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About Haley

Hey! I’m Haley.

I grew up in a small town in North Georgia called Rockmart. There I developed a pretty gnarly southern accent and a love for fried okra, The Dixie Chicks, the Atlanta Braves, icy glass bottled Cokes, and Southern gentlemen.

haley okra


When I was 17, I met my Southern gentleman on a mission trip. His name is Jeremy, also known as “World’s Good Lookingest Man”. Lookingest is a word, I hereby declare.


I can tell you everything about the moment I first saw him, from what he was wearing to what was playing on my dang iPod. We dated for a while, then that crazy goon got up the nerve to ask me to marry him. I thought about it for .2 seconds and said,” Heck yes, you crazy goon!”



wedding pic



We live on a small homestead where we grow our own vegetables and raise 4 chickens who we call “The Golden Girls”. My dad calls us hippies. I like to think we’re a modern day version of The Ingalls, only we don’t know what we’re doing and we have wifi.


The Golden Girls.



A couple of pet names I call Jeremy are “Honey Bunches of Oats”, “Sweet Thang”, and “The Man”. I mainly refer to him as “The Man”. He likes it better than the others. The Man and I attend a church called North Point Community Church, where he serves as a staff member and I serve as a worship leader when I’m home. Jeremy is undoubtedly the best guy I know, and I’m super, duper blessed to be married to him.

us and boone

Us with our dog, Boone.


A few other people I love aside from him are my family. I was adopted by my grandparents when I was a kid, but my mom always played an equal part in raising me. So basically, I have two moms and a dad. All 3 of my parents are incredible. My dad (I refer to my grandfather as my dad) is the smartest man on earth. He’s also very funny.




I also love Jesus. A whole dang bunch. I can’t function without Him. I’ve failed Him many times, but He’s never failed or walked out on me. He is too good to me.


I get to speak, write, and sing about Him and it’s the best “job” I could ask for. I’ve been so blessed to share the stage with many incredible people such as David Crowder, The Newsboys, Skillet, Jeremy Camp, Jamie-Grace and Paul Baloche.  As good as that all is, it’s still not as cool as knowing that at the end of the day, I am loved by an incredible man, an incredible family, and most of all an incredible God.


Welcome to my life. I’m certainly glad you’re in it.